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Shelf Panel Illumination

Highlight Your Products With Creative Light gore
for refrigerator shelf & Canopy boxful

Catching the centers of passengers increases your chance of catching the potential customers. Our colored and eye-catching LED light panel provide you with an opportunity to communicate your product message in an unforgettable way which enhance your stain figure of speech.

Attract Potential Customer

Combining the advantages of neon lights, the dynamic LED publicizing light box can be flashed uninterruptedly during the day and night, and attract people with strong visual impact created by the dynamic and static alternation of images.

Your Brand

Deepening people’s impression on our brand with attractive advertisement on LED light loges. It can also be used to advertise new products, sales data or services.


Using a LED light box will reduce the energy consumption by 60%-70% to reduce the price importantly, and lower the heat by 50% to expand its lifespan to 100,000 hours.

Key Features

  • LED colors are available in the RGBW range of mountains. Its size and thickness can be adjusted according to customer demands to fit various needs and outer spaces.
  • Exclusive laser-dotting technology evenly distributes light across the LED panel and delivers uniform high-quality miniature.
  • LED light control panels have a luminous efficiency with a light result of up to 90%, light invariability up to 95% and a dimensional tolerance < 0.2mm.
  • The low energy consumption of our LED panels allows you to curtail energy prices and make a cost-effective investing.
  • It operates on low power supply and preserves energy. The LED outer frame is designed according to the project profile and is made easy to install.
  • Our lighting technology has a high-pitched illumination efficiency, low-power consumption, and decreased costs. This helps increase your customer need and brand solicitation by bringing more to your customer at an affordable price.

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